WWJSD? (What Will Jon Stewart Do?) updated

Updated below

By now you’ve probably heard that Senator McCain has chickened out “suspended” his campaign and unilaterally attempted to postpone Friday’s scheduled debate, so he can hasten to the Capitol (presumably in a celestial chariot, drawn by wing-ed horses) to Save the Republic.

McCain must rid himself of the distraction of debating his opponent, so that he can devote all of his Mojo to solving this crisis (as only a Maverick can!), or we’ll be looking at 12% unemployment, and a depression by Monday.

Never mind that McCain hasn’t cast a Senate vote since April 8. And the fact that he’s slipping in the polls? Pure coincidence.

If the news media falls for this stunt, they are officially beyond redemption. If the public falls for it, we’re beyond stupid.

But, given my area of specialization, the narrow interests of this blog, and a subject I addressed in a previous post, I’ll be watching for Jon Stewart’s reaction. Will The Daily Show call McCain on his attempt to hijack the electoral process, and hit him with all the unreserved ridicule such a move deserves? Or will they go for “balance” by painting Obama’s desire to hold the debate (is it only okay to go through with a debate if nothing is going on anywhere in the world that week?) as scheduled as “ambitious,” and somehow equally bad?

Don’t let us down, Jon.

UPDATE: Well, Stewart riffed for a few minutes at the top of the show, and seemed to see the “suspension” for what it was. I’ll still be curious to see whether, given more time to prepare, The Daily Show does more on this extraordinary story tomorrow.

Colbert managed to do a little more with it, and in my estimation again demonstrated the superiority of his format. When faced with absurd circumstances, Stewart is kind of stuck at “oh, come on!” while Colbert, forced by his character to play along with the absurdity (in this case, since it was a Republican absurdity), exposes the depths of its silliness. His “suspension” of his show was a simple, but inspired, gag.

Of course the big story of the night, in late-night, was Letterman, who went to town on McCain for canceling his appearance. More on that in a later post.


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3 Responses to “WWJSD? (What Will Jon Stewart Do?) updated

  1. Daisy Lu Says:

    I have only heard this morning about Letterman’s response to McCain’s cancellation — including his monologue, Top Ten List, and showing McCain not jetting to Washington but in makeup at CBS waiting for Katie Couric. Sounds like personally pissing off Letterman is the way to get him to throw actual political barbs.

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