An Early Thanksgiving, and Some Leftovers

thanksgivingI am elated (and relieved) by the outcome of the election, and even, dare I say, a little bit hopeful about this country’s immediate future. Thanks voters, and thank God!

I’m as tired of thinking about politics as I imagine most of you are, which is why I’ve let a few recent things slide without posting. Here’s a few links worth a look, though.

Tina Fey interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air. Interesting behind-the-scenes stuff about how Fey honed her impression, including generous praise for the contributions of make-up and wardrobe people. I’ve always found Fey to be a little (just a little) overrated; her Palin was pretty good, and I like her as 30 Rock‘s Liz Lemon, but the quality of SNL during her stint as head writer was only marginally better than it is now, and I often found her performance as “Weekend Update” co-anchor annoying. The constant meta-commentary (“I love that joke/see what we did there?”) destroyed the parodic framework. Since Fey, it’s impossible to think of “W.U.” as a “newscast,” even a “fake” one. It’s just people sitting there telling jokes, and looking pleased with themselves — a two-headed sit-down Leno, with a side-order of smirk. Yet this same tendency to deconstruct makes Fey a good interview: her explanation of the Palin performance is truly fascinating.

Speaking of Palin and SNL, Caribou Barbie herself (I’d credit the person who coined that name, if I knew who it was — I’m also partial to “Bible Spice,” though I don’t know who started that one, either) made a cameo appearance on Monday night’s “Presidential Bash” that was compellingly unfunny. I can’t decide if it’s because the writing is straining to be mean-spirited (they gave her several anti-NBC “zingers”), or if it results from the fact that the segment appears to have been pretaped without an audience, or if Palin just didn’t sell it, somehow. Actually, I don’t think it’s the latter, though when it comes to comedy performance, she’s no John McCain.

And yes, I thought he acquitted himself pretty well on Saturday. Per Urk‘s comment, I do think this was a first step toward rehabilitating his image, and I’ll admit it even stirred some dormant “maybe he’s not that bad” feelings in this viewer.

But then I remembered all the “socialist” crap, and “that one,” and — well, and the whole rotten, sleazy campaign he ran.

One last thing — not really a “leftover,” but a lingering annoyance that threatens to dampen my post-election mood: the continuing awfulness of our corporate news media. The country may have turned a big corner, but the idiocy of our pundit class remains, epitomized by Foster Brooks Tom Brokaw, in a moment that earned him “Blithering Idiot of the Day” status from Atrios.

Now that we’ve thrown the rascals out of the White House, we should think about cleaning out the press room. Talk about a change America needs!


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